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Hi my name is Cuong Vu, I am a 30 something guy who likes to create and preserve stuff of all sorts, at times writing too. The main characters are me in different roles: Being a Vietnamese who spent most of my school time overseas, being an entrepreneur in Hanoi, being a single adoptive father to my daughter and being someone who is related to someone else who is HIV positive (also my daughter) in Vietnam. Despite keeping me awake among other things and slowly make question about my status of being a “normal” person, I think these guys who all stay in me are awesome and I would like to write down what they think.


I am a normal hard working Vietnamese boy who was born in Pre-Doi Moi (renovation-time) in 1984, after a life of working hard and learning, I earned some years traveling around Asia and finally got a scholarship to Sweden where he started to get the tool to express himself. I went back to Vietnam a couples of years later after living and working in Sweden to take part in a HIV/AIDS research project at Harvard Medical School. I quit a year and a half later to initiatve my solution to social development via business and entrepreneurship.


My business worked well, i earned good money where I have some saving to adopt my daughter - Nhia in 2012. I was lucky enough to be able to be known in my city about what I do and somehow got a bit bigger to be interviewed by some world news agency such as BBC and SBS. The journey stills continues and this blog is to keep you updated with it. I wanna take on the next job to be a full time stay at home father.

Every week, If I have a chance from my busy schedule, I share my thoughts about life and my realization about the world. I would like to explore my capacity to the limits of my thinking and my imagination. Some of it might be a bit depressing (just tiny bit) so if you are someone who knows us, you will find more in depth stories. Regardless to different roles, the center and focal point is my daughter that these guys are working toward. I hope this blog is something for you to read, to learn to think to entertain, to feel and to share. This might give you a surprise, this might give you some inspiration, this might give you a real story to get involved with something HIV related or this might give you another opinion particularly to reconsider yourself, your thoughts and your will to decide something you are doing in relation to HIV and everything around it.


We highly appreciate if you want to support us in anyway. The most simple way to support us is to share this blog so more people can be aware of the differences we are born distantly between us as well as the common that make us humans.




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